Unga Lukas

Orc Therapy

Unga Lukas offers preventive and existential support for young people online. However, it’s always hard to be in the right place at the right time for those who need it the most. Surveys show that gamers, young men for the most part, are extra vulnerable and a risk group when it comes to suicide. So, this time, we decided to go inside popular online game World of Warcraft to offer conversational support in the shape of …Orcs!

Talk to an Orc

Believe it or not. These Orcs work social media like other Orcs crush limbs and the message is seeded throughout social media, gaming influencers and preferred platforms such as twitch.

Get to know the Orcs

At orctherapy.ungalukas.se you’ll meet Edzurg, Olurg and Gakor. Three unusual Orcs with a talent for listening, as behind each Orc there are conversational supporters – all with gaming experience.