Hi, we’ve probably met before

BBDO Nordics is a creative agency with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. We’re 80+ people, with a common mission to make the work, the work, the work better. Over the years, we’ve created things that you’ve most certainly come across in some way, shape, or form.

BBDO Nordics has its origin in 1972. We started off as experts at B2B communication, but slowly transformed to our current all-inclusive-acronym selves in 2021.

There’s a geek for that

We’ve gathered some of the most creative brains in the industry to make emotional brand experiences that defy logical growth. We know a lot about a lot and are what people in fancy suits refer to as a full-service agency that merges brand communication and experience design.

We bridge the gap between communication and experiences.

We believe a brand is the sum of all interactions people have with it. For instance, if a brand with great customer experience isn't thought of enough then it is seldom successful. Equally, if a brand is easily thought of but leaves a frustrating experience, then it is also seldom successful. Therefore, we use creativity to bridge the gap between communication and experience to help our customers defy logical growth.

Get your own agency partner in crime

Our setup is designed to help brands achieve whatever they’ve put their mind to. It’s based on several parts, but as one agency:

BBDO Client excellence

This is your partner in crime, your BFF, your biggest supporter. These are our project and production leads, responsible for making sure we do the right things and do things right. Who you gonna call?

BBDO Strategic consultancy

This is the philosopher, the great thinker, the big brain. These are our strategists and planners with experience from every corner of the vast world of strategy. Give them a nut and they’ll crack it.

BBDO Creative communications

This is the creative mastermind, the outside-of-the-box- thinker, the problem solver. These are our creatives, copywriters, art directors on a mission to make the work better, all conducted by our creative director. Don’t worry, not all of them wear caps.

BBDO Design

This is the visionary, the experience designer, the visual architect. These are our designers, that make your customer experience magical. From your brand identity, digital services, retail environment, app or website. Whatever can be seen, can look better.

BBDO Studio

This is the doer, the producer, the hawk eye. These are our final artists, that finalize the work to our clients. Whether that is design, film, photo, 3D, newsletters, or UI. They have delivered thousands and thousands of formats over the years.

BBDO Media lab

This is the social media whiz, the influencer manager, the performance marketeer. These are our media and content department, ensuring that everything we do is as effective as it possible can be. No matter the platform. Like!