Riktig Korv

Since 1925, Lindvalls has produced Swedish quality sausages in Strömsnäsbruk. Over the years, the company has focused its production on the service trade with great success.

in 2021 Lindvalls wanted to launch a line of consumer products named Riktig Korv (Real Sausage), a concept consisting of several products with both new and refined flavors. All without preservatives or sugar – something that is (unfortunately) almost completely unique in the category. Lindvalls wanted our help to develop a packaging design concept that can relate to their history as a long time charcuterie, but in a way that stands out against the conventions in the category.

Sausage with basically no ingredients

Processed meat products is one the most screened products by consumers in the grocery store. Consumers value clean products and often have to turn to the list of ingredients when trying to find the best one. Riktig Korv however, has no preservatives or added sugars, making the ingredient list way shorter than most. So short in fact, that it could fit on the front of the packaging.

Less design = higher quality

When looking for the best meat products available in store, you tend to lean towards the fresh meat counter. The products you get from there are presented against stainless steel and packaged in standardized plastic or butcher paper wrapping with automatically heat printed stickers. We took these low key design elements as an inspiration for the concept with the insight that less feeling of design = higher quality in the sausage category.