Makes people talk

In a time where charisma is king – whether that is getting the most likes on Instagram, having the most Facebook friends or making the best TikTok content – confidence is a key factor to that success. Luckily, Läkerol is a box full of confidence that can help you get what you need to become your most charismatic self.

In our first work for Läkerol, we turned to the most basic and cross-generational scenario of all time: when you want to convince your friends to go out partying instead of wasting yet another Friday night in front of the gaming console. And we did it by showing that anyone can turn into an epic speaker, just like in the movies.

“Whether or not the idea is based on experiences from our own youth, we’ll rather leave unsaid, but I do admit that I was in great need of Läkerol back in the days”

– Rasmus Tsardakas Renhuldt, copywriter