Communication & Visual Identity

When Kavall is asked what they do, the answer is often "we deliver groceries or entire grocery bags to people's homes in such a short time that they barely have time to realise". But what Kavall really does is offer freedom. Freedom to be a little more unplanned and freedom to be able to solve one of the most important and time-consuming but not always pleasurable challenges of everyday and weekly life - food planning.

So, we developed Kavall's entire visual identity that spanned the entire customer journey. All contact areas in both external and internal communication. A new logo was developed, colour scales, fonts, imagery, app, etc.

We then launched the ultimate freedom device in a campaign around an unplanned lifestyle – Oplaneraren. A limited edition physical button that, when you press it, selects a meal for you and delivers the groceries to your door - in 10 minutes. The button was then integrated into the Kavall app for anyone to use. This led to a +270% increase in orders for ready-made recipes during the campaign. Unplan more!