The Electric Revolution

Many people opt out of electric cars because of the concern about range, combined with uncertain access to charging points. In addition, many consumers are unsure of how to buy and use their charging box. E.ON asked for a campaign to position themselves as the driving force within e-mobility and, of course, sell more charging boxes.

By launching a completely new service in the E.ON Drive app, allowing people to share their charging box with others, we basically made it possible for anyone to open up their own electric gas station, right at the driveway.

Olssons Elmack

We started off by letting an ordinary family – The Olsson’s – open up the world’s first electric gas station (“elmack”) on their private farm outside of Malmö, Sweden. They quickly got a lot of attention from both local and national media, paving the way for the upcoming campaign in paid media.


In our TVCs the viewers got to meet the owners of four very different electric gas stations, demonstrating that ANYONE can join the movement!

Last but not least

To put a cherry on top we let our fictive electric gas station brands release their own somewhat rudimentary commercials in social media.


Top of mind


Exceeded sales targets by

2.7 to 4.9

Increase in YouGov Brand Index from

9+ million

Impressions in deserved media

"Elmack" – a word that did not even exist before the campaign – became the second most googled together with E.ON after “strömavbrott” (power outage).