Re-Engineering Social Media

Polestars electric journey is set out to rewire the whole automotive industry, redefining car ownership through digital innovation and electric mobility. As Polestar was getting ready to launch their new brand and two flagship models to the market, Polestar 1 and 2. We were approached to establish their social media presence, focusing on building brand awareness and desire for the cars.

Redefined customer experience

But with no physical products available to the public, how do we create new ways to experience all the aspects of the cars?

We decided that the best way to convince people of a completely redefined car experience, is to redefine the customer experience itself.

So, we created a bunch of thumb stoppers: something that would disrupt the absent-minded vertical scrolling and get followers to explore horizontally. By broadening our storytelling – quite literally – we were able to create interactive experiences and gained more time with the followers.

We used the platform as the message and re-engineered the formats to fit our purpose.


360° experience

When Instagram offered carousels, we used the standard swipe function to create a 360 experience.

Seamless infographics

With the Instagram carousel format, we created seamless infographics to educate about different aspects of the cars.

Tap to explore

We used Instagram stories to create interactive tours that allows you to zoom in on different features of the cars.

“This right here, was an interactive piece of art.”

dsi_luther, Instagram follower

Igtv + face filter

We made a portrait of an employee come to life through Instagram-TV, and then took a key element from that story and turned it into an Instagram face filter.

Facebook car configurator

To top it off, when Facebook offered brands canvas, we engineered a fully customisable configurator where you can purchase the cars within Facebook.

Choose between exterior colours, interior materials, performance package and wheels in 72 variations directly in Facebook.

By re-engineering formats on social media platforms, we brought polestar’s promise of digital innovations to life.


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