Digital Retail Experience

Polestar is a performance car brand with a minimalist design philosophy at its’ core. Just like their cars, their digital retail experience in Polestar Spaces needed to reflect this philosophy.

The objective was to create a system for in store communication, including wayfinding, deeper information and communication regarding their products as well as an in-store car configurator. These concepts would later be adapted to all Polestar Spaces.

So how did we help visitors interact with a brand in the most minimalist way possible? We used technology, intuition and sutbtlety instead of overwhelming visuals to communicate. That way, the overall minimalistic retail concept stayed intact but still contained all aspects of a great retail experience.

The Display Wall

The proximity of visitors in relevance to the displayed object controls the complexity level of information shown on the hidden digital displays.

The Table

Using RFID, visitors can act car designers in an inspiring and playful way, utilising physical material samples connected to the integrated car configurator.

Visitors can also seamlessly transfer their configured car between the table and their own mobile device, giving them the possibility to continue on their own device later on. Or, vice versa, transferring an already started configuration from their own device to the table.


Integrated projectors allow subtle wayfinding and animated messaging.