Bye bye offline!

We live our lives online. Surfing through endless, amazing eternity scrolls, climbing the highest Wi-Fi mountains, and digging in the deepest deep like caves.

So why draw a stupid line between what’s reality and what isn’t? Vimla knows that IRL is simply where we live our lives. With the concept Bye bye offline we wave those boring borders goodbye, and say “Hey hello” to a wwworld of endless possibilities.

New look who dis?

A fresh concept demands a fresh look. The brand new Vimla ID takes inspiration from the very world it exists in, combining the weirdness and humor of Internet culture, with the connectivity that defines online life.

It’s fun. It’s expressive. Just like Vimla’s users

IRL or www, we love you all the same.

Oversharing is caring

Sharing content on your phone? Well duh. But sharing the contents of your phone? Not for the faint hearted. Today our Smartphone is the most personal thing we own, completely jammed with dark and dorky secrets. I.e: The good shit. To get past the shiny media surface of some public peeps we know, we challenged them to dig through each other’s phones. The result? JUICY.

Buy buy offline

For this year’s Black Month we wanted to show what we really mean when we say “Bye bye offline”. By merging online with offline, the www with IRL, we created a weird and wonderful Vimla world, where the line between digital and analogue are blurred out, and the only limit is your own imagination (and Wi-Fi connection).